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Teltonika WirelessCOM/G10 (TELTONIKA COM/G10)

Teltonika WirelessCOM/G10 (TELTONIKA COM/G10)
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Teltonika WirelessCOM/G10 (TELTONIKA COM/G10)

OUR PRICE : 112.80  Incl. VAT
 94.00  Excl. VAT
Discount Available for orders of 10 units or more - call +44 (0) 207 096 8420
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Teltonika WirelessCOM/G10 (TELTONIKA COM/G10)

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Teltonika WirelessCOM/G10 (TELTONIKA COM/G10)

Teltonika WirelessCom/G10 is a device designed for communication with remote devices which have RS232 ports. RS232 interface is one of the industries leading standard. This interface can be found in a large variety of devices like, data loggers, POS terminals, vending machines, PLCs, control panels, various meters, switches, routers and the list goes on.  It is a frequent case when such devices are present in remote locations and there is a need to monitor/control/collect data. In such cases GSM network coupled with GPRS/CSD service can provide a very reliable wireless solution.  Teltonika WirelessCom/G10 is ready-to-go solution for such situations. It acts as a transparent RS232 port. Thus you would be able to see your devices as directly connected to the computer, no matter how far you are from your devices.

Why do you need to go to your devices for data collection, for device configuration or to monitor and control them, if it can be easily done over the internet using Teltonika WirelessCom/G10. Simply connect Teltonika WirelessCom/G10 to your remote device via RS232 interface and configure WirelessCom/G10 to connect to your server. Whenever some data arrives from your machine to the serial port, WirelessCom/G10 will connect to the configured server and make data transfer. Upon connection you can even send commands to your machine/device from your PC remotely. WirelessCom/G10 will thus transmit all the data coming on its serial port to GPRS and all the data coming from GPRS to serial port. In short it is acting as a bridge between GPRS and the serial port.

In addition to GPRS you can also use CSD connection and reach your remote devices just by dialing into the SIM number of WirelessCom/G10. WirelessCom/G10 also supports SMS bearer. Using SMS you can remotely configure the settings of WirelessCom/G10.  

The device can act as a master, and initiate the connection to the server or it can act as a slave and wait for incoming connection.

All in all Teltonika WirelessCom/G10 provides a cost-effective wireless solution of controlling your remote devices which have RS232 interface. No matter how far you are, you can always stay connected with your devices.    


  • Provides transparent GPRS/CSD connection
  • Receive SMS alerts when exceptions occur in device
  • No drivers required, hence works with any device/machine/equipment/computer
  • Simple and informative configuration menu
  • Configurable through any terminal software
  • Hardware reset from DTR pin (optional)
  • Device is remotely configurable through GPRS/CSD/SMS
  • Access only through authorized phone numbers (for CSD and SMS)
  • Up to 5 configurable authorized phone numbers 
  • Auto PIN feature, no need to enter SIM card PIN after restart
  • Password protected configuration 
  • Dual colour LED indication for various states of device (Up to 9 states)
  • Supports various data formats (8N1,8N2,8E1,8O1,7E1,7O1)
  • Firmware update possibility
  • CHAP/PAP authentication supported
  • CE certified 


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