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Smart Track fleet vehicle management system (SMART TRACK)

Smart Track fleet vehicle management system (SMART TRACK)
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Smart Track fleet vehicle management system (SMART TRACK)

OUR PRICE : £358.80  Incl. VAT
 £299.00  Excl. VAT
Discount Available for orders of 10 units or more - call +44 (0) 207 096 8420
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Smart Track fleet vehicle management system (SMART TRACK)

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Smart Track fleet vehicle management system (SMART TRACK)

Smart Track Secured Online Tracking System is a low-cost Internet-based real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring Solution. It is an advanced monitoring system that integrates GIS and GPS technologies with Wireless Communication over GSM / GPRS, and hence enabling companies to monitor vehicles movement and drivers' performance. With this capability, it is possible to precisely establish the location of vehicles at a click of the mouse.


Smart Track Online Tracking System, as an Internet-based resource monitoring solution, allows companies to identify the position of their fleet. By logging into the  Smart TrackOnline Tracking System web site, companies can instantly monitor the location of vehicles on a high-resolution digital map, as well as, other travel activities. It has record-keeping and reporting tools for business owners, independent contractors and individuals who need to document their mileage and billing time. Such tools reduce effort and paperwork in monitoring travel activities and thus ideal for the busy executive.


With Smart Track Online Tracking System, companies can now select the most suitable resource to cater to a job, by matching the location of the job instantly. Companies can even determine the best replacement quickly if one of their vehicles becomes unavailable. For ad-hoc or urgent jobs, companies can also quickly deploy those vehicles that are nearest to the job location, and thus provide fast response times.


Furthermore, with its detailed real-time map, companies can select and advice their drivers on the most appropriate route to travel, as well as, guide those who are not sure of the way.

  • No Long Term Lease/Contract
  • Flexible
  • Real Time Tracking 24/7
  • Internet Based Solution
  • Upgradable
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Implement
  • Transferable Vehicle To Vehicle
  • View Mapping In Road Or Aerial View
  • No Special Software Required
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Historical Reports Available

The System is an easy to use, scalable, web application that gives the fleet manager 24/7 real time visibility of vehicle location, speed and other metrics. A powerful administration module allows you to immobilize and set up usage parameters for vehicle reporting. An easily integrated communication module also allows messaging between the administrator and driver.

Thus, with Smart Track, companies get to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Better on-time deliveries
  • Better usage of resources
  • Low investment cost for a real-time vehicle monitoring system
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Over-the-Air control over Mobile assets


Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

  • Cost Savings
  • Reduce Overtime and Vehicle Operating Costs
  • Reduce Insurance Cost
  • Fuel Savings
  • Low Investment Cost For Real-Time
  • Improve Response Time
  • Increase Productivity
  • Better On Time Deliveries
  • Better Use Of Resources
  • Easy To Implement
  • View Map In Road Or Aerial View
  • Reports Available Giving Historical Data
  • Vehicle Status Information
  • Miles Travelled
  • Real Time Tracking


  • Improve Customer Service
  • Internet Based Solution
  • Reduce Effort And Paperwork
  • Monitor Your Fleet
  • Document Your Mileage And Billing Time

Is losing contact with your fleet losing you profits?

You rely on your fleet to drive your business forward. But can you instantly pinpoint where they are on the road? Can you quickly see which routes are the most profitable? Are you confident that every penny you spend on drivers' time, overtime and fuel is money well spent? It's time to home in on your fleet.

Easily turn wasted time into profitable time

You can't be out on the road with your drivers, but you can do the next best thing. Smart Track is the powerful, low cost tracking and fleet management solution that lets you home in on your fleet online using zoom-in maps and aerial views.

  • Pinpoint each driver's precise position in real time in high-res road or aerial view
  • Know the exact duration of each call; see which driver is closest to the next
  • Identify the most profitable and time-efficient routes
  • Save on excess fuel, unnecessary mobile phone calls and paid overtime
  • Prevent dishonest drivers from misusing company time
  • Deliver a more efficient, reliable and responsive customer service

Smart Track makes you a better manager enabling you to prioritise perfectly, meet sales targets faster, communicate with drivers and stay on top of your schedule. Thanks to advanced reporting features, it cuts through paperwork and simplifies record-keeping. And of course because it's an easy-to-use online solution, there's no software to bother about - and no training required.

No contracts. No hassle. You can even try it before you buy - FREE*

Smart Track doesn't just deliver substantial savings in terms of company time and fuel costs; it's also one of the most affordable solutions of its kind delivering a quick return on investment. Better still, unlike many other solutions, there's no contract to tie you in. So you're free to leave at any time without penalty. But don't just take our word for it. Why not put Smart Track to the test before you buy - FREE* - for 7 days?

Price List

Buy or lease the in-vehicle terminal and pay a fixed monthly fee – that’s it.

  • No fixed term contract
  • Track from any PC
  • 24/7 vehicle tracking
  • Stop and start monthly fee, as you like
  • Easy to use
  • Free trial

Purchase option

Each Vehicle tracking terminal £299
Each terminal required is fitted discreetly within each vehicle.

Per day service charge: 43p per day.
As long as you require the tracking service.

Warranty: on site warranty is provided on the vehicle terminal throughout the lease agreement and 2 year in case of outright purchase.
Free software updates for as long as you use the service.

* excludes vehicle terminal. Running Costs less than 50p per day. Prices Subject to VAT.

Lease options

Hardware and monthly service charge are all included in the lease plans.

  Unit Cost £299 Subcription Cost  
Years Cost Per Day Subcription Total Cost Per Day
2 48p £0.43 91p
3 33p £0.43 76p
4 26p £0.43 69p
5 22p £0.43 65p

Installations are included in all the above options, Prices exclude VAT.


Please call our sales representatives for more technical information regarding pricing information and Trackwize vehicle tracking devices. We can supply data only contracts and fixed IP SIMs on all the UK major networks. Trackwize vehicle tracking devices are available with various options that include remote cut off,  over-the-air firmware updates and security features. Please call for pricing information on Tel. +44 (0) 1252 792862 or email sales@smartdevicesdirect.com

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