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Novatel Wireless Merlin X950D HSDPA Express card modem (NOVATEL MERLIN X950D)

Novatel Wireless Merlin X950D HSDPA Express card modem (NOVATEL MERLIN X950D)
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Novatel Wireless Merlin X950D HSDPA Express card modem (NOVATEL MERLIN X950D)

OUR PRICE : £154.80  Incl. VAT
 £129.00  Excl. VAT
Discount Available for orders of 10 units or more - call +44 (0) 207 096 8420
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Novatel Wireless Merlin X950D HSDPA Express card modem (NOVATEL MERLIN X950D)

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Novatel Wireless
Novatel Wireless Merlin X950D HSDPA Express card modem (NOVATEL MERLIN X950D)

The Novatel® Merlin® X950D® provides a high-speed data connection to your laptop via the 3G mobile phone network and a normal data-enabled SIM card.

The X950D plugs into the ExpressCard slot found on modern laptops and enables a broadband-style data link at up to 7.2Mbps speed. This provides the laptop with a data connection for Internet browsing, Email, instant messaging and corporate VPN use.

The Merlin X950D is a true Tri-Band 3G and Quad-Band GSM device so that crucial internet and email link is available in any country where a mobile phone signal can be found.

Merlin X950D Main Features Overview:

  • Provides high-speed mobile link for Internet/Email/VPN & more
  • Tri-Band 3G HSDPA/UMTS connectivity for global use
  • 3G up to 7.2Mbps maximum speed
  • Firmware upgradeable to imminent HSUPA 2.1Mbps upload speed
  • Quadband EDGE/GPRS worldwide connectivity
  • ExpressCard/34 card for use in ExpressCard/34 or 54 slots
  • Optional Novatel adapters enable use in PCMCIA or USB slots
  • Windows Vista/XP/2000 Driverless installation, no CD required
  • Apple Macintosh and Linux drivers downloadable
  • Receiver Diversity and Equalisation technology to boost 3G reception

3G Technology

Connection speeds of up to 7.2Mbps are available in 3G areas utilising HSDPA/UMTS technology. Novatel equip the Merlin X950D with a Tri-Band 3G radio for global use, supporting the European 2100Mhz frequency as well as the American and global 850/1900Mhz bands. For areas with no 3G coverage the Merlin X950D uses its Quad-Band EDGE/GPRS transceiver, making the X950D a device with true worldwide capability.

Novatel has announced a firmware upgrade is to be made available in the near future to further increase the X950D’s abilities, adding HSUPA technology which will provide an upstream link at up to 2.1Mbps once the cellular network support it.

Receiver Diversity and Equaliser Support are two technologies Novatel has built into the Merlin X950D, specifically for use in European 2100Mhz 3G areas. These two new techniques allow the Merlin to perform better if highly mobile and also aid the X950D in handling the available signal better when at the edge of a cellular area or inside buildings.

A bank of five multi-colour LEDs integrated into the body of the Merlin X950D indicate the current service status and link technology being used, as well as any error states. The X950D’s software displays onscreen additional information for signal strength, network profile and power-save status.

Novatel has incorporated an integral five band antenna into the body of the Merlin X950D. An optional external aerial (Hirose MS-151) can also be purchased to further extend the range or to provide a signal boost in areas suffering from very poor coverage.

ExpressCard Form Factor

Using the new ExpressCard/34 form factor, the Merlin X950D can be plugged into either the Expresscard/34 or 54 ports found on modern laptops. For maximum flexibility Novatel also produce adapters to allow the Merlin X950D to be inserted into a PCMCIA slot (Merlin XCA-2) or a USB socket (Merlin XCA-1) present on older machines.

Driverless installation

Novatel build the drivers for Windows Vista, XP and 2000 directly into the Merlin X950D, enabling a zero-CD installation. On insertion of the Merlin X950D the card automatically installs the required drivers and software. Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4 and computers running Linux 2.6+ are also supported with drivers available for download from Novatel.

Novatel Merlin X950D box contents

  • Merlin X950D ExpressCard modem
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Protective retail packaging and storage box

Dimensions and Weight

The Merlin X950D ExpressCard modem weighs just 29 grams and measures a tiny 112 x 34 x 11 millimetres. Power consumption is 1A nominal and 1.3A peak. The Merlin X950D supports idle and standby/hibernate selective suspend power-saving modes.

Warranty and SIM requirements

The Novatel Merlin X950D is a genuine Novatel authorised UK product and comes with a one year warranty.

The Novatel Merlin X950D will work with either a Contract or Pay-As-You-Go style SIM card, but Novatel recommend a contract SIM with a data-tariff enabled for the quantity of information expected to be transferred each month

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