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NES Storage Server Route with Bluetooth (WE-1530)

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NES Storage Server Route with Bluetooth (WE-1530)

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NES Storage Server Route with Bluetooth (WE-1530)


NES Storage Server Route with Bluetooth (WE-1530)

NES Server (with BT)
Stylish 54Mbps 802.11b/g Wireless Router

Switch To Network Environment You Need
   Share Internet Access Wired/Wireless

Access Point
   Build Private Network or Extend Wireless Coverage

   Wireless Adapter for More than Two Desktops or Notebooks

Integration of All
Secure Data Sharing – File, Picture, Video, Audio…etc
USB Device Sharing – Printer, Webcam, HDD, Flash and Cardreader
Built-in FTP
Firewall and Wi-Fi Security
Parental Controls, Internet Filter – MAC, IP, URL
Efficient Bandwidth Usage – QoS (Quality of Service)
Internet Camera Surveillance
Samba server – Data sharing for users within LAN
MFP sharing including printer, scanner, and Cardreader



With SadoGO, even a beginner can easily enjoy Sapido products like advanced users.
   The surfing Sado leads you all the way to complete the sharing of internet connections, data,
   and devices in just a few clicks.
   And, the friendly interface makes the installation and operation of Sapido products as easy as
   a PC


Feature 1: 3 Network Environments in One
  Build Your Private Network Wired/Wireless.
  Share xDSL / Cable Internet Connection.
  with DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) function, you can easily group your desktops/notebooks as a private wired/wireless network. All users can access Internet at the same time by one ISP account.
Access Point
  Build Your Private Network Wired/Wireless.
  Extend Your Wireless Coverage by Connecting Two Wireless Network.
  With DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) function, you can easily group your desktops/ notebooks as a private wired/wireless network. With WDS (Wireless Distribution System) function, two independent private wireless networks can communicate or share resources with each other. For example, when you can only access Internet on the first floor but not the second one due to physical environment, you can enable WDS function on Sapido NES Server Router to connect the wireless network on the first floor to share Internet access.
  Use NES Server as Wireless Adapter.
  Support More Than Two Desktops/Notebooks by switching to Client mode, you can easily connect your
   desktops/notebooks to a higher speed wireless network. With five 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, Sapido NES Server can serve several desktops/ notebooks at a time. It also supports Ethernet Hub/Switch to serve more desktops/notebooks.
Feature 2: Share USB Devices and Data
  Secure Data Sharing – File, Picture, Video, Audio…etc.
  USB Devices Sharing – Printer, Webcam, HDD, and Flash.
  With administrator management and password protection, the authorized user can safely share data with each other. The printer is not attached to a dedicated computer. By connecting USB printer, everyone can use the printer through Sapido NES Server instead of a dedicated computer. Apply USB webcam for instant surveillance of your home, garage, office, baby , pets, grandparents…etc. The easy way to setup an efficient data center by connecting USB storage devices, HDD, Flash and Cardreader to Sapido NES Server.
Feature 3: BT File Search and Download
  BT Software Built-in.
  Leave the PC off.
  Your Download Booster!
  Huge file downloading no more keeps you waiting; a break of coffee is all you need.
  BT files can be downloaded easily through Sapido NES Server with simple clicks. Fabulously, the computer can be turned off while downloading after setting up BT path. You then can come back later to enjoy videos or music once downloading completed.
Feature 4: Built-in FTP
  FTP Server Inside.
  No Computer and Software Required.
  Big Size Email – No Worries!.
  No need FTP software. No need to turn on computer. No need to wait for download. Sapido NES Server makes the file download convenient and simple. Sometimes the email size is too big to send. Authorized users can easily upload and download files anytime anywhere.
Feature 5: Internet Camera Surveillance
  The Easy Way to Access Real Time images Anytime Anywhere.
  No Computer and Software Required.
  Apply USB webcam for instant surveillance of your home, garage, office, baby, pets, grandparents…etc. View live images through Internet with computer or mobile phone browser when you are in office, park, gym, coffee shop, shopping mall, overseas,…etc.
Feature 6: Efficient Bandwidth Usage – QoS (Quality of Service)
  Optimize the Use of your Internet Bandwidth.
  3 Priorities to Manage.
  Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the capability of a network to provide better service to selected network traffic over various technologies. The primary goal of QoS is to provide priority including dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter and latency (required by some real-time and interactive traffic), and improved loss characteristics. Also important is making sure that providing priority for one or more flows does not make other flows fail. For example, you can arrange bandwidth percentage for internet browse and internet download. So there will be no traffic jam for internet browse and internet download users. Sapido NES Server also provides 3 priorities for easy and quick setup, i.e.high, medium and low level.
Feature 7: Security and Parental Control
  Firewall Defends your Network from Intruders Attack.
  128 bit Encryption Protects Your Data from Peeper.
  Scheduling Filter Easily Manages Internet Access and Blocks Inappropriate Internet Content.
  The firewall function keeps your local network away from attack of Intruders. Wi-Fi encryption, WEP and WPA protects your network resource such as internet access, from unauthorized user. Sapido Mini Server Router parental control, available with IP, MAC and URL filter, provides parents a centralized, secure, flexible and easy-to-use management tool that can help protect their families from the perils of the Internet. The filter scheduling feature simplifies the management of internet access policy.
Feature 8: Authorization management
  Web-base User Interface.
  Define User Authorization.
  Event Log and E-Mail Alert.
  As an administrator, you can monitor, maintain and manage the network anywhere anytime with internet browser. Authorized and unauthorized access can be viewed via the web-based interface or be sent by email automatically. Besides, you can authorize assign. Different users can have different rights for FTP, webcam, Internet access,…etc.
Feature 9: Name your own Sapido NES Server on the Internet
  URL Name for Easy Access
  Update Your Dynamic WAN IP Automatically
  You may receive a dynamic WAN IP from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for Sapido All-in-One Storage Router, which is not convenient for the access of users. DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Services) is free. After registration, you can have your own URL name for Sapido NES Server access. With DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Services) utility, Sapido NES Server can update the dynamic WAN IP automatically to keep the registered URL name available.
Feature 10: More Powerful Features for Advanced Users
  Virtual Server Keeps all Internet Service Co-reside in One Computer.
  Virtual DMZ Allows Intranet Servers to Communicate with Internet Users.
  Virtual server simply means the entire computer is not dedicated to running one kind of internet service. By specifying the port number for services, you can keep all internet services co-reside in one computer. For example, port 80 is used for HTTP traffic and port 21 is used for FTP traffic. Sapido NES Server can assist you in building the virtual server. Virtual DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) allows a set of computers to be exposed to the Internet. Some applications require multiple TCP/IP ports to be open. DMZ allows computers to be exposed for that .

Additional Information



LAN Port4 x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 with auto MDI/MDI-X

WAN Port1 x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 with auto MDI/MDI-X

USB 2.0 Port  :


  Connector - 2 x Standard A Type


  Support - USB WebCam 、USB printer、

  USB Flash/HDD, USB CardReader

Data Rate  :


  IEEE 802.11b/g



  54Mbps speed automatically

LEDs :


  Power, Status, Wireless, WAN, LAN , USB Devices

 802.11b/g Mini-PCI wireless module


Dimension :225(L) x 162(W) x 48(H) mm

Weight :522.4 g (device only)

Power :AC 110-240V Input/ DC 5V 1.2A Output

Certifications :FCC, CE

RoHS :RoHS Compliance


Web Camera Server :


   Webcam view via browser by internet  real time


   Video / Picture monitor from LAN / WAN PC


   Picture recording to the FTP Server or USB HDD

Printer Server


   Printer Sharing Via WAN/LAN PC

Download Server


  Support BT download

File Server


  Support files sharing of Samba and FTP Server

Wireless Security

64/128 bit WEP (Open/Share)


802.1x Authentication


Network Features

WAN Connection – PPPoE / PPTP / Static IP / Auto IP


Network Protocols - TCP/IP, UPnP,


QoS - 3-level priority for each application port

DHCP Server / Client

DNS Primary / Secondary

Proxy DNS, Dynamic DNS


Virtual DMZ

Virtual Server (Port Forwarding)



IP Filter

MAC Filter

URL Filter

SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)

DoS Protection

Hidden SSID


Web-base Interface

SadoGO Quick Setup Wizard

Site Map Setup wizard

Firmware Upgrade Via Web

Profiles Configuration Backup & Restore

Remote Management

NAT Traversal


User Account Management ;

Administrator & Personal Panel

E-mail Alert

Event Log


Folder Management : FTP folder,

Webcam folder, Disk Explorer

model WE1530
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