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NES 300Mbps n/b/g Wifi + 3.5G NES Mini Server travel router (GR-1102)

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NES 300Mbps n/b/g Wifi + 3.5G NES Mini Server travel router (GR-1102)

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NES 300Mbps n/b/g Wifi + 3.5G NES Mini Server travel router (GR-1102)


NES 300Mbps n/b/g Wifi + 3.5G NES Mini Server travel router (GR-1102)

Comes with EU, UK and US interchangeable plugs.

3.5G Router
Share the mobile Internet access via 3.5G Mobile signals.
  Backup of fixed line – xDSL/ Cable.

AC/DC Dual Power‧Mobile Internet All the Way
  AC plug, DC Plug, plus a mini USB port, fulfill all the ways the power come from.
  In house or on the road, mobile hotspot is easy to setup.

11N Speedy Wireless
Up to 300Mbps data transfer rate.
  Coverage 4 times larger than 11g router.

NES Multi-Application
Webcam Server - Real Time and Remote Monitor
  Printer Server - Printer Sharing and Remote Printing
  USB Storage Server - FTP and Samba My Network

  Click and Go! Super Easy for Internet Sharing and Coverage Extension

Multi-Network Connections
    Share Internet Access Wired / Wireless.
  WiFi ISP
    Hotspot Account Sharing.    
    Build Private Network and Turn Wired Internet
    To Wireless.
  WiFi AP
    Internet share and coverage extension without configuration.




One Button Set-up, Click 'n Go! With SadoGO, even a beginner can easily enjoy Sapido
   products like advanced users.
   New SadoGO guides you to complete the sharing of Internet, data, and device in just one
   click. The friendly interface makes the installation and operation of SAPIDO products
   easier than a PC.

3.5G Mobile Broadband
  SAPIDO 3.5G router is your mobile hotspot. Wirelessly share your mobile broadband connection anywhere. Create instant WiFi Hotspot at remote locations, such as construction sites, special events, conventional centers, vehicles, or where DSL/cable is not available. Access Internet on the go for Skype, music, games, etc.

AC/DC Dual Power
  Your router is no longer limited by electrical outlet because this 3.5G NES Mini Server is designed to meet all kinds of power supply. It supports both AC and DC power, moreover, there is a mini USB port on it, it works perfectly with AC power, power pack, or car charger. Hence, you can easily use it indoor, on the road, or in vehicles.
NES Multi-Sever
  The 3.5G NES Mini Server has 2 USB ports, which supports various server functions
  Webcam Server – Real-time and remote monitor
  Apply USB webcam to 3.5G NES Mini Server , you can access to live image from computer, PDA or mobile phone with browser anywhere anytime.
  USB Storage – FTP and Samba
  FTP Server inside, no computer and software required.
  Samba works similar to “My Network Place”, and PCs in same LAN network can share files freely.
  Printer Server – Printer sharing and remote printing
  Connecting USB printer, everyone can use printer through the3.5G NES Mini Server instead of a dedicated computer. Even more, when you are away, you can still remote print document by linking to the 3.5G NES Mini Server .
Multi- Network Connections
  This 3.5G NES Mini Server fulfills all your demands on Internet connections, wired or wireless, flat or cross floors, you can always find a perfect solution in it.

  Connecting to Internet, you could easily build up a wireless Internet environment.

  There’s WiFi ISP feature in the Router Mode, which makes the wireless signals receiving and sending via different SSIDs. And, with DHCP and NAT functions, multiple PCs can access to Internet at the same time with only one hotspot account.

  Extending Internet from an existing router, and turning the wired Internet to wireless.

  WiFi AP
  This unique feature helps you to get rid of cable/wire.
  Ideal for extending wireless coverage, same feature as the WDS, but it’s configuration free. All you need to do is site survey the available APs, and pick one you like to link, then people can access to Internet through your 3.5G NES Mini Server.
  3.5G NES Mini Server supports 4 SSIDs and allows rules setting on Internet speed and connection for different groups to manage the usage of network flexibly.

11N Maximizes Wireless Range and Speed
  The MIMO technology for 11N upgrades the speed and coverage on wireless transmission and still complies with the existing 11b/g devices. Besides, it saves the energy consumption.

One Touch WPS Encryption and Connection
  It requires only one touch to complete the Internet connection and secure the wireless network. Wireless Internet connection and encryption is done by pressing the WPS button on the 3.5G NES Mini Server and the wireless adapter at the same time.

Firewall and Wireless Security
  Various built-in firewalls protect your network from Internet attack and block the inappropriate web pages and sites.
  The advanced wireless encryption WPA2 enhances the safety of the wireless network from invaders.

Name your own 3.5G NES Mini Server
  No need to remember the IP address to find your 3.5G NES Mini Server on the Internet because you can have a unique domain name for it. You can register a domain name for your 3.5G NES Mini Server via the various DDNS servers provided or others.

System Management
  Administrator can check the network status and maintain the network system via Internet Explore anytime anywhere.
Virtual Server
  With Virtual Server feature, 3.5G NES Mini Server can invent a server in your network. By assigning an IP for an internal server, 3.5G NES Mini Server will then forward the packets requested from Internet to internal server.

Virtual DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
  With DMZ feature, you can assign a PC to be explored on Internet, and all the packets coming from Internet will be forwarded to your assigned PC.


Additional Information

WAN Port :
  10/100 Mbps RJ45, with auto MDI/MDIX x 1
LAN Port :
  10/100 Mbps RJ45, with auto MDI/MDIX x1
USB 2.0 Port:
    Connector–Standard A type x 2
    USB Webcam, USB Printer, USB Flash/HDD,

IEEE 802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n (Draft 2.0)

Data Rate:
    802.11n (up to 300Mbps)
    802.11g (up to 54Mbps)
    802.11b (up to 11Mbps)
LED Indicator:
  WPS Button, Reset/Reboot Button
Button: WPS Button, Reset/Reboot Button
Antenna :
  Built-in x2
USB Application
File Server:
FTP Server
Samba Server
Supported file system for USB Storage:
  FAT16, FAT32, EXT3, NTFS
Webcam Server:
  Webcam view via browser by internet real-time
  Picture recording to FTP server or USB HDD
Printer Server:
  Printer Sharing
  Remote Printing
Network Feature
WAN Type:
  3.5G/3.75G (HSPA, UMTS), Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPTP, PPPoE
Network Protocols:
  DHCP server, Client, DNS server
  Port Forwarding, DMZ
Wireless Application
Wireless Security:
  WEP 64 or 128 bit/WPA/WPA2/WPA2 Mixed
WPS(Wi-Fi Protected setup):PCB/PIN
Multiple APs
URL / Port / IP / MAC Filtering, Port forwarding, DMZ
System Management
SadoGO Quick Setup Wizard
Web-base Interface
Firmware upgrade via web
Multiple APs
Profile Save
Event Log
Language Setup:
  12 Languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic)
Dimension : 91(L) x 80(W) x 29(H) mm
Weight: 190g (device only)
Power Adapter:
  AC 100V ~ 240V / DC 5~12V 1.5A/Mini USB DC 5V 1.5A
Safety Emission: CE/FCC/RoHS/NCC
Support OS: Windows, MAC, Linux
SadoGO Support OS: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
model GR1102
products_manufacturer No

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