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85Mbps Powerline Ethernet adapter (PA-1108)

85Mbps Powerline Ethernet adapter (PA-1108)
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85Mbps Powerline Ethernet adapter (PA-1108)

OUR PRICE : £35.94  Incl. VAT
 £29.95  Excl. VAT
Discount Available for orders of 10 units or more - call +44 (0) 207 096 8420
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85Mbps Powerline Ethernet adapter (PA-1108)

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85Mbps Powerline Ethernet adapter (PA-1108)

Comes with EU, UK and US interchangeable plugs.

Instant Internet Connection – Existing Electrical Outlet – Plug ‘n’ Go
  If you’re like most people, you don’t have an ethernet jack in your environment. Rather than running long wires all around your house, or having an expensive technician re-wire your home, you can just purchase a pair of Sapido 85Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapters. Like an extension cord for the Internet, the Sapido 85Mbps Powerline ethernet adapter uses your home’s existing electrical wiring to transmit the ethernet signal from your router. Plug one Sapido 85Mbps Powerline ethernet adapter into a power outlet near your router, and use more powerline adapters in different rooms for setting up your home network.

Faster Speed for Multiple Applications
Internet Surfing
Standard Video TV (SDTV) Distribution
TV over IP (IPTV)
Higher Data Rate Broadband Sharing
Audio and Video Streaming
Files and Application Sharing
Security Cameras and Video Server
Network and Online Games like PC game, XBOX 360, PS2, PSP or NDS

Ultimate Network Security and Coverage
  Without the physically plugging into your power grid, your network is undetectable. Moreover, Sapido 85Mbps Powerlink Ethernet adapter protects all the data through your power grid by automatically encrypting 56-bit DES. With secure operation of up to 300 meters ensure no loss of signal or interference due to thick walls;
  you can freely install this anywhere within your home.
Why Powerline Communication?
  In-home Powerline communications (PLC) technology uses the existing electrical wiring and sockets in a home or small business to connect PCs, broadband modems, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, audio/video players, flat screen displays, security cameras and other electronics devices. In effect, every socket becomes an Ethernet jack or network connection point - without adding any new wires! Consumers can instantly install their own home networks just by plugging their Powerline-enabled equipment into the wall.
Complement of Wireless
  Although the wireless environment provides the freedom of mobile users to access Internet, the current technology still has certain limits, such as the dead zones, interference, range limits. The Powerline can be used to extend the range of wireless networks by adding WiFi access points in areas with dead spots or weak coverage or by allowing a single access point to be placed in the ideal location in the house that will permit whole-house WiFi coverage.
Substitute to Wireless
  Compared to wireless, Powerline technology is much easier to set up and use, and which provides better range and more reliable whole house coverage. In-home Powerline Communication is particularly useful for applications that need real time delivery of streaming audio and video or low-latency connectivity
Alternative to New Wiring
  Running new wiring to set-up a home network could be expensive and disruptive. With Powerline technology, the existing wiring in the house serves as the network, and turns every electrical outlet into an Ethernet port or other network connection point.

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